About the Dads

Once upon a time, an engineer named Chris sat in his cubicle. He wondered aloud how in the hell he was going to afford raising identical twin girls. Mike, sitting in the cubicle next to Chris, got a pretty good laugh out of this. Mike knows that Chris loves to be prepared for everything, since he was an Eagle Scout after all. So of course, Mike found this hilarious. Who could prepare for that shock? Not Chris. But karma would strike later that year, as Mike would ALSO find out he was having identical twin girls. And that’s how the concept of the blog began. Well, I guess there’s a couple years in between there of being a parent and whatnot, but that’s neither here nor there.

Though Mike and Chris no longer work together (Mike is still an engineer and since Mike is writing this, he honestly really has no idea what Chris does), they have stayed close. And just recently, Mike was like, “f*** it, let’s start the blog,” Chris was like, “Okay.” Then Mike was like, “Hey, we should get my brother, Steve, to write too.”  And Chris was like, “Yeah, we should.”  And Steve was all like, “I don’t really have the time to do it.”  And we were all like, “Yeah, but you should.”  And then Steve was like, “Yeah, okay, but I’m not gonna write that often.”  And then we were all like, “YAAAAAAS okay,” and met over some margs and burgs. And the rest is like history, ya know? I mean, recent history, since this is not very old.

Mike lives in NJ with his wife, Mrs. Buttersworth, two kids, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and two dogs, Bamber and Rocket, plus a third dog on extended stay, Boomer. He likes to spend time with his family (read: gain valuable writing material), yell over everything, watch the miserable Jets and Mets, and go to work (AKA vacation according to his wife).

Chris, on the other hand, also an NJ native, enjoys The Bachelorette, gardening, and crocheting in his spare time. He also enjoys spending time with his kids telling them about The Bachelorette, gardening, and crocheting.

Steve also has two kids as he described, Jordan and Jude.  He also has a job that I can’t explain and he’s never even been able to clearly describe.  He may be a part of the CIA.  Chris is definitely not.  I just don’t know what he does.  I’ll let Steve tell the rest of his story as I’m too lazy to finish this right now.